Sunday, May 13, 2012

the finding of lost things

Anne K. Zichko 1916-2004
But first . . .

A Happy Mothers' Day to All.

For a few months now, on and off, I've been searching my house for a book I know for certain I had. Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa was acquired a very long time ago. I got it on a whim back then. The Bantam New Age Books edition had a colorful cover ~ I thought it was pretty and along with the promise of "enlightened living," I figured what the hey. Having participated in Susan Piver's Open Heart Project for sometime, I've heard mention of this book several times and wanted to read it. I must not have been ready for Shambhala back then because, I would have remembered actually reading the thing.

So. As mentioned, I'd been searching high and low in our home. There were books I packed away. I looked through those. There were books moved around and redistributed to other bookshelves. No luck there. Then yesterday when I mentioned to Bennie that I was going back down to the basement to look for a book I was certain I'd packed away, NOT thrown away (some did hit the bin due to mold) she reminded me . . . I'd let her go through the books she wanted to keep before packing or chucking them. I'd completely forgotten! The book was in my hands not 5 minutes after discovery in her room.

Reading it yesterday afternoon, in the filtered sunlight of a westering sky, I know now I wasn't ready to understand the teachings of Shambhala oh so many years ago. Now I think I am. All I've come to understand about sitting was in the book. Not understanding sitting meditation then, I didn't get it. Such a treat to have found this book because I didn't want to buy another copy. I was geared for the instant gratification of finding it rather than waiting for Amazon to deliver me another. Although, bless their boots, they'd get it to me within the same week if I had ordered it ~ still wasn't fast enough.

And that is my daughter's Mothers' Day gift to me: the keeping of things from my past so that I may find them again.

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Ruth said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, my dearest friend.

How wonderful that Bennie was keeping your treasure safe all along.