Wednesday, May 02, 2012

digging around in things from my past

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . . Well, not so far. Just a few dirt roads from where I live now, but certainly a long time ago, I used to play with tossed stone readings. A few days ago, engaged in something completely unrelated, I envisioned myself playing with these tossed stone readings using my old quilted map of an embroidered pentagram.

I pulled out the old set of stones and objects kept in a Depression-ware bowl, gathering dust. I barely remembered any of the attributes I'd assigned them so I started all over again with new rules. First, the stones had to be small enough that, when held, would fit in one hand. Second, not all of them would be tossed at once and so created three sets with different attributes. Since the stones all met the first requisite, they could all be used in a reading en masse, but I'm trying to keep things simple until I work the rust off this particular divination tool.

Looking over my old pentagram map, I feel some things have changed in the attributes I'd given way back then. I feel my association with this information has matured and gone deeper, adding another flavor to the readings. I also have the idea of using other such maps, the Medicine Wheel or the Sephirot, or no map at all ~ just let the stones speak in relation to each other based on the throw. It's been an exciting two days.

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