Thursday, May 31, 2012


It seems, more often than not, I'm writing about the inability to spend time in the studio. I've little to show for my meager moments in that Sacred Space. So, making use of the Ubiquitous Creativity Beyond the Studio slant, I thought of my altars about the abode. There are a number of them. Some for work, some for play, some permanent, some not. When my day spirals out of control ~ which, thankfully, doesn't happen very often ~ it is a comfort to have some visual reminder of order and a sense of belonging with the many altars created in our home. Some Integrity out of Chaos. Here are some of which I've created to date . . .
Rock altar on the floor for yoga time.

Happy Yogi Frog altar greeting visitors.

My Kitchen altar with the Daily Draw.

The Blessed Brighid
altar for Vigils and

My SoulCollage altar.

The Altar of Work and Play.

My Creativity Niche.

The Meditation altar.
I'm usually here at 5:30am.

A Garden altar where I leave offerings
to the Fae.

Another Garden altar.

Happy Hotei Buddha, the first to greet guests.


Ashling said...

That's alot of altars, but seems each has its purpose. It's a lovely idea to be so surrounded by them, and the care & feeding of so many must help keep you grounded, focused & connected. Thanks for sharing these glimpses!

Ruth said...


Someday, when I can move things upstairs, I will finally be able to unpack parts of my altar that have been boxed up for a decade. I can only hope they are more patient than I.