Tuesday, May 15, 2012

adding a little color

Ah, oui! Ze recycled silk expression!
While watching America's Got Talent with the inimitable Howard Stern (haven't heard the man since he moved over to the Sirius wavelength), I decided I'd had enough of the earthy and denim tones. Blessedly, I was graced with some recycled silk for my birthday (along with a host of other unspun heras). It should be a nifty addition to the sleeves and neck line. It'll be like flowers growing in the Earth. Though my plan is to let the sleeves go asymmetrical (some here know how I feel about symmetry ~ it is for those who lack imagination), I have to remember to stop and add the silk at about the same length.

As for the show, it was enjoyable. Stern seems less stern these days. I guess it's true that Capricorns mellow with age ~ like a fine Jack Daniels.
Just showing off a little sleeve . . .

1 comment:

Ashling said...

Nice touch! I like that jazzy bit of red. Once upon a time I found red to be rather initimidating, but have since grown very fond of it.