Thursday, May 31, 2012


It seems, more often than not, I'm writing about the inability to spend time in the studio. I've little to show for my meager moments in that Sacred Space. So, making use of the Ubiquitous Creativity Beyond the Studio slant, I thought of my altars about the abode. There are a number of them. Some for work, some for play, some permanent, some not. When my day spirals out of control ~ which, thankfully, doesn't happen very often ~ it is a comfort to have some visual reminder of order and a sense of belonging with the many altars created in our home. Some Integrity out of Chaos. Here are some of which I've created to date . . .
Rock altar on the floor for yoga time.

Happy Yogi Frog altar greeting visitors.

My Kitchen altar with the Daily Draw.

The Blessed Brighid
altar for Vigils and

My SoulCollage altar.

The Altar of Work and Play.

My Creativity Niche.

The Meditation altar.
I'm usually here at 5:30am.

A Garden altar where I leave offerings
to the Fae.

Another Garden altar.

Happy Hotei Buddha, the first to greet guests.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

at the end of an easy Sunday

After dinner at the beach.

Wading in the West.

Leaf underwater.


Gliding along.

Simple meditative space.

Headed home.

Random journal pages . . .

Real flowers under Mod Podge.

Real yoga poses under Mod Podge.

Yes, that is a golden print of my foot.

Rice paper envelope window with
a watercolor frame.

Friday, May 25, 2012

tgif w/ a 4-day weekend

Birch leaf for Lone Birch.
When it gets to this time of year, I'm quite done with school and schedules. Peeps home on a Friday through to Monday for the national holiday is all well and good with me. There's rehearsal times to sweat for the Middle School play; other than that it's all pretty loose and groovy. Perfect for meandering through the studio at any odd hour that strikes me.

I started one of a few watercolors for a site logo. Lone Birch Farms is looking for a little site revamping and some photos for the Etsy. Some of my fiber work might make it in the mix so it's work in a couple of different avenues.

This morning's throw.
Time was spent with some stone casting. The more I play with this divination the more I understand how it reads. I've kept the amount of stones used to a certain minimum which makes the "sentences" elementary enough to decipher. Another month or so and I might be able to offer readings.

At another odd moment or two, I've been able to work on the Great Dawn painting adding more simple, repetitive, meditative, sublime wavy black lines. Keeps me off the streets . . . However, I should get myself outside for a little interaction with Nature. The Great Replenisher of Dried-Out Souls.

The golden sun rising from wavy black lines.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my misty mountain hop

A new haiku for the Haiku Tree.
A break in the early morning rain gave me the chance to enjoy a walk somewhat drier than anticipated. I love how Nature looks after a good soaking ~ the green leaves glow, the trees look black and the flowers are brighter. I get out to soak it all in. Let the drips come down upon my weary pate, let the mud soak my shoes. Most folks avoid low hanging leafy branches so as to stay dry. I let the leaves brush my brow, anointed with fresh rain drops and awareness.

Along the way, I got to thinking about Being What I Am Right Now and trying to be okay with it. Too many times, I'm concerned with not measuring up or figuring out what the Right Thing To Do is or even What To Do, period. And if Melvin Udall's enigmatic query rises unbidden in the mind (like a Resident Evil zombie) well . . . What then? I don't know that this walk clarified any of those questions, but it was good to get outside.
Yellow Flag (Iris pseudacorus) by the lake.

Yellow Flag landscape.

Moss and fern by the lake.

A close-up of fern.

Mist over the mountain.


And again to the South.

Nature's verdigris.

More greenery with stately stones.

The last leg of my walk was done bare foot.
As I've read time and again here, a Witch knows
hir land base. What better way than to be bare foot?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

rainy day yoga with a rooster and a cat

I like my creature comforts. That is almost a literal statement. Yes, I enjoy hot running water, central heating and the sweet delights of an operational dishwasher. It's pleasing to my Animal Self to be warm at night and snuggle in with The Man at the end of long, interesting days. However, it's more than that. I like the Furred and Feathered Beings who live with us. Brownie is our occasional House Rooster. He is a Gentleman and is reasonably well house trained. (Before anyone cocks an uneasy eyebrow at having a chicken hanging out in the house, please take a moment to consider those who possess more expensive, less edible birds which also live in houses with humans ~ parrots, cockatoos, budgies . . . 'nough said.) All in all, everyone gets along here. I've had it said how my home is like the Animal Kingdom. To date no one here has eaten anyone else and, knock on wood, no one will. In fact, chickens have names as a precaution. Few would want to eat Garrison Soup (although, there are days).

The living room in our home is equipped with a large sliding glass door. I am able to have this door open and have an exchange with the Elements of the Day as I practice asanas. Today was rainy. Sun Salutations were filled with the perfume of wet, rain-soaked woods. Down Dog caught the passing breeze causing prayer flags to stir and the sweat on my brow to dry. I felt exalted in Half Moon Pose, stretching myself out like a star on its side, listening to the music of the rain.

During all this yoga activity, Piwaqit, joined me on the mat. She purred and stretched along side me as I reached into Head-to-Knee. She rolled to one side as I sat in Cobbler's Pose. Once in Lotus Pose, Pi lie down just behind me so that I could feel her "support" during the pose. Circling and watching was Brownie. His footfalls are heavier than he actually is ~ more like an ostrich walking around the house. When he runs across the house (of his own accord, not being chased) it sounds like what I'd imagine a House Faery might sound like doing the same thing. So. My House Brownie is Brownie, I guess.

Coming out of Savasana, I feel delicious. And my Animal Self was in good company while practicing. How sweet is that?

Monday, May 21, 2012

a studio saunter

 . . . a sweater with the second sleeve in progress . . .
(Oh, and a hint of the untouched saori weaving.)
The Monday is gray and full of the promise of rain ~ which is needed for the plants. With chickens fed, dogs released for various reasons and then called back, the cats camped out in their favorite napping haunts and the house rooster enjoying another ramble through the sun room I am left to figure out what to do with myself. Not to suggest I don't have anything to do ~ there's To Do a-plenty. Domestic and official chores alike. Some are getting done. Some are not. That simple. So. I went into to my studio to see what I could see and this is what I found . . .
. . . the Millie chillin' with the alpaca . . .

. . . ze painting in progress . . .
(The sun has changed.)

. . . houseplants that need homes somewhere in this
humble abode . . .

. . . bags of unspun fibers from various places . . .

. . . the beginnings of a watercolor journal page . . .

. . . this morning's toss . . .
(I'm trying to do this kind of divination everyday to
recapture the flavor of doing it again.)

And what could this grouping mean?

. . . the churro still a-waitin' for spinning . . .

. . . and the SoulCollage pick of the
day for journal prompting.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

making the Everyday a religion

What a gift to wake up! Still breathing, seeing, hearing. Still able of body, sound of mind. To enjoy the sights of green trees while drawing water for tea. Honey and half 'n' half, warm tea bowl in hand. I walk in the fresh-mown lawn, bare feet greeting the Earth with every step. Salutations from the left and more Howdy's from the right. I delight in the budding-to-blooming peonies, the heather with the new green tips. It is a garden of our making. It is a random garden, wild and rambling, yet growing the Creature Comforts that soothe a soul ~ tomatoes and flowers.

What a gift to gather with the People in a home! Making vanilla and chocolate milk shakes. (Mine was vanilla with cinnamon, cardamom, honey and a drop or two of rose water.) Cajoling and joking and laughing. Imbibing sweet, thick, cold shakes in tall glasses. We have come together and now we go our separate ways to nap, to read, to walk the yard again and feel the sun.

Each morning is my prayer. Each meeting my Communion. Each evening a chance for Gratitude. My church is the Earth with a vaulted ceiling sky, the honeyed sun shining down, the pearled moon glowing in a net of stars. Everyday, I stand in Beauty.

Image found here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

on a Thursday walk

The sunny green-ness of things caught my eye today . . .

So did this Wild Geranium.

Somewhat closer.

I didn't notice the buggy mini-web until this image was

More deliriously happy greenery and rocks, of course.

And a parting shot of more rocks.
I like rocks . . . it's a weakness.