Wednesday, April 18, 2012

what's a little churro between friends?

Churro drying sur la table.
This past weekend, Kim brought me a gift of unwashed fiber. Had this box of stinky wool been presented to one of a saner condition, it would have been thrown out. However, being a fiberholic (amongst other varied and sundry vices), said box of stinky wool was well-received. There was a 1/2lb of churro, some bit of suri llama and some other llama bits.

The night I got this box of lovelies, Kim, Bethe, Janet (Bethe's sister) and I were sitting at the table fingering different bits of fiber, showing of recent Kool-Aid dyeing experiments and simple knitting projects. Dirk and Bill sat by somewhat perplexed, wondering why four women would be sitting around sniffing and drooling over excessive bundles of hair normally reserved for removal with a lint roller.

So yesterday being a lovely day and all, I brought the churro fleece out to continue drying while winding one spool of yarn into a skein and plying the other. Once that was done, I moved on to spinning some pricey alpaca purchased sometime ago. Kim and Bennie washed it for me while we were on the way back from Connecticut one afternoon. The soft brown alpaca is spinning up smooth, tight and silky. It was good spinning while watching some old Star Trek on Netflix later in the day too. Soon, I'll pull guard hairs from the churro and twist those fibers ~ maybe during a few X-Files episodes. I so adore X-Files episodes!
It's so fluffy, I could die!

And again, somewhat closer. Like clouds . . .

Starting to spin the alpaca. Yum.


Ruth said...

I must admit that I don't understand the half of what you mean when you talk about spinning, but I'm pretending that I do. :-) Wanna touch the poofy.

Ashling said...

That is lovely stuff!! Don't think I've encountered churro before....