Thursday, April 05, 2012

nature's mani-pedi's

My pedicured tootsies.
For the first time ever in my 47-going-on-48 years I was treated to a manicure and a pedicure. A very nice, pampering experience that requires payment before the finger nails are lacquered up. It took me a moment to comprehend this, being a newbie and all, and merely repeated that I wanted one color for each nail just like my toes. The nice lady was like, Yeah. Great. You pay now. Ah! Right.

I'm sure I made their day nonetheless with my fistful of nail colors, five in all, and the instructions to paint one color for each nail. I figure, Nature doesn't stop at monochromatic, why should I? So today's walk featured finding colors. I'm sure She's doing Her toes too.
A periwinkle carpet.

A little closer, my Dear!

Bits of pink.

Some Shad tree whites.

An unidentifiable coral-colored flower.

The Robin's red breast.

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Ruth said...

Your tootsies looks happy. Yeah, the whole "dig into your wallet with wet nails thing" is kind of no no. I had to do that while we were in FL and I'd just done my nails . . . so I got to redo them.

We've have these trees here called Redbuds that I think you'd love. The first Spring I was here and drove down a stretch of road that was lined with them I was utterly enchanted.