Thursday, April 12, 2012

mystical mundane

Yum! A dogwood!
According to Caroline Myss in Sacred Contracts, you wouldn't want to be a Mystic due the "blood, sweat and tears" aspects involved in identifying with this archetype. I don't entirely agree with Ms. Myss. I've played with the Sacred Contracts concepts on and off a couple of times throughout the years. At some point, I hit a Hogwash Nerve and put the whole thing back, but I like the archetype definitions in the back. They're handy for SoulCollage®, which is fine. The whole charting and mapping thing, however, is more tedious than I care to spend time on.

There are times, though, I muse over this concept of the Mystic. I don't know for certain if I'm of the Mystical variety, but I do identify with long fallow periods of doing The Everyday with the occasional epiphany tossed in for good measure. So. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.

No matter. I had a lovely walk down the hill today in my usual mystical manner . . .
A bit of ground ivy.

Like the Nature Paparazzi, I just missed a herd of deer here.

Barely visible, a red-tail hawk.

A little closer, my dear.

And closer yet.

Dear Ruth, I finally had the free moment
to make myself a fine pot of Milk Oolong tea
in the Brown Betty and served up in my
humble brown tea bowl. Tea is indeed the
true Mystic's beverage.
Love, Dawn


Ashling said...

The cup of tea beside the teapot wrapped in that whimsical tea cozy would make a lovely framed photo...

Ruth said...

I wonder if Republic of Tea would pay for a photo like this?

Thank you for sharing that cuppa with me. That photo is inviting and filled with delightful color interplay.

You're an artist with a camera, too.