Tuesday, April 17, 2012

my tea bowl

Someone asked . . .

That mug is gorgeous! May I inquire as to its origin?

As I'm short on inspiration this morning, I'll tell you.

This bowl, about 4 inches (10cm) high and 4 3/4 inches (12cm) in diameter, was given to me about three years ago. Tom's then-girlfriend was eager to come with some kind of a gift since we invited her to a large family gathering involving birthdays, barbecue and swimming. In desperation, she asked her mother, a potter, if there was ONE thing she could part with to give me in appreciation for the invite. The artist parted with this simple, humble bowl. I was grateful for the gift at the time, but set it aside to figure out its use another day.

Initially, this tea bowl started out as my garlic storage bowl. Then one day, I gave attention to its color and contour. Removing the garlic, I saw the glaze, though with earthy browns and reds, had flecks of silver, like mica in sandstone. And I found that the lip was perfect for holding the bowl with one hand ~ thumb and middle finger encircling the rim just below the lip, index finger crooked over the rim. It was just as lovely to hold in two hands, resting sweetly in my palms. How had I missed this humble beauty earlier?

From that day forward, this bowl has been my friend. We enjoy tea together first thing in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. We see the sun rise together. We spend time with family and friends enjoying good conversations and good vibes. This bowl has been my solace in sorrow. We've gone out to the garden in spring and sat by the fire in winter. When I'm painting, I've had to pay attention not to dip my brush into my tea. As I prepare another bit of fiber, I stop and take a sip, picking out the occasional stray fiber. Even now, my tea bowl sits with me, filled with Tazo Awake, rosemary honey and half-n-half ~ cool at this point, but still tasty. When my bowl is empty, I clean it carefully by hand in the sink (no dishwasher cleaning for this item), dry it and set it gently near the stove top for that next cup of tea.

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Ashling said...

Thank you! Disappointing for me to discover this beauty is one of a kind, but as one who feels that finding the 'right' mug is both difficult and important, I applaud you finding each other!