Wednesday, April 04, 2012

my spring fling

We're getting so many eggs I'm certain the roosters
are laying as well.
It's too nice out to spend time at the computer dredging up witticisms and ruminations. So I leave you with visual notes.
Brownie, my gentlemanly rooster.

Joel Coen fully recovered from his neck injuries.

My rue recovering from chicken injuries.

My mother always said you can't kill comfrey.

Looking forward to lemon balm tea!


Ashling said...

Such pretty eggs! Having tried & abandoned the chicken venture once, we've reconsidered and are doing it again this year, and are planning to add a couple of Ameracaunas to the mix for those lovely blue eggs...

Ruth said...

No, you can't kill comfrey.

I went on an eggcellenet adventure on Wednesday when I went out to a farm some 2 hours' drive from here and retrieved 40 dozen eggs. There are only 5 dozen left to be delivered, and those will be dealt with today. Yes, I had a home for them before I made the trip. ;-)