Monday, April 09, 2012

killing time again

There are a number of times during the day when I have hang time. I might be waiting for phone calls. I might be waiting for phone calls to end. There's waiting to drive folks down to the bus. Perhaps I'm waiting for the chickens to be fed before getting to some shared paperwork. Then there's my favorite; waiting to go somewhere. These are the times I've taken to tossing the shuttle on the Neverending Saori weaving. I've been eager to get this cotton warp off the loom ever since I remembered (fiber amnesia) purchasing a cone of gray linen intended solely for warp. I want to engage in some Linsey-Woolsey. And sooner than later. This weaving, though purposeless and meandering, has been on the loom a little over a year. (Could be longer, but I'm not checking on that fact right now.)

So. The hang times have been perfect for moving this puppy along. Hang times don't allow for quality time with a painting or sketching. I'm not always up for knitting while I wait at home ~ especially if the pattern is a complex one. Spinning is easy enough, but often when I get into the Zone, I don't want to stop spinning to go anywhere. Whether winding bobbins for more weft or actually tossing the shuttle, hang time is just enough time. And I have some small sense of accomplishment ~ even if the result is merely for the pleasure of weaving.

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