Friday, April 27, 2012

a journal entry with Picasso

I am participating in a telecourse offered through Kaleidosoul, Journaling With Our SoulCollage® Cards. Today, I was finally able to sit with an image and a journal page to create ~ not just write. Any other time, I would indeed simply sit with my image and write what comes up. However, Picasso had different ideas on how I am to journal with his presence. First, he had this to convey . . .
Pablo calling me on my sh*t.
Picasso (drawn from Fire/South)~ Good heavens, Woman! Seize your passion! Carpe diem isn't just for Roman soldiers! Why are you waiting? What are you waiting for? No one should wait to Be what they are! Take hold of that brush; it is your sword. It guards you against complacency, mediocrity! Wield it! Pierce the heart of your canvas and let Life bleed into form. You are an Artist and a Warrior!

I have the beginnings of a watercolor journal page on my table. I feel like this is another sunrise ~ got the same flavors of one anyway. I'm waiting for the watercolor to dry so the salt can be rubbed off, leaving interesting patterns for me to write over. Yes. That's correct, I intend to write over this image. Then the words become art as well.

This form of intentional writing, journaling, soul journeying requires leaving certain expectations behind. In sitting, really sitting, with what an image has to say so much self-wisdom is gleaned. This is time well-spent in the studio today . . .

And overseeing the work at hand . . . NO judgments!

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