Friday, April 06, 2012

the impending birthday painting

Tomorrow around 9:15am, I turn 48. It's the new 25 . . .

At any rate, I wanted to paint something I enjoy seeing every day: the sun rising. More will enter the painting over the next few hours or days, but for now it's just the orange-y sun in a golden sky. These are colors which make me feel happy right now.

Tonight, Dirk and I make a sojourn to the Falcon to catch Spottiswoode. Good food, good music, good company.

And a Nature Happening of Note: A pair of bluebirds have nested in the east side of our house (in an unfinished portion of siding) where woodpeckers were last year. So. I've got the proverbial Bluebird(s) of Happiness on the sunny side. How great is that?

1 comment:

Ruth said...

Happy birthday!!!

Can't wait to see where your sun leads you.

Since I've lived in KY, I've only seen bluebirds once. Orioles, on the other hand are fairly common. Cardinals? State bird, mascot of the UofL teams . . . we're surrounded by them 12 months each year. Personally, I prefer the more subtle shading of the females. ;-)