Thursday, April 26, 2012

haiku tree

Happy tree haiku.
This morning as I was practicing asanas, my mind began randomly creating haiku. One after another. The basic stuff I've learned about haiku is the 5-7-5 syllable count . . . in English. It's another thing entirely in Japanese. So my haiku creations aren't exactly pure. The nice thing about counting syllables is that one isn't grappling with iambic pentameter or rhyming generally found in poetry. It's like poetry for the masses.

The next thing that grabbed my attention was the greeness of the trees. I'm no stranger to spring on this planet ~ I've gone through 48 of them during my sojourn ~ but this one seems to have come on suddenly and with such passionate force. The window view from my living room is also strung with Tibetan prayer flags . . . All of these things formed a creative idea: hanging haiku on tree branches. I took that idea further deciding to use not just colored mulberry papers, but cuttings from paintings that were headed nowhere.

I started with three haiku as follows:

haiku is the Way
if you have something to say
sweet about Nature

breeze and leafy trees
sun sparkling on the lake
Earth's beauty abides

moon glows in the sky
velvet darkness filled with stars
starstuff reverie

The haiku can then float on the wind like prayers . . .

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Ashling said...

I've long loved haiku; I liken it to a photograph: the capturing of a single moment in one 'shot'. Enjoy the project...