Sunday, April 15, 2012

frost date

Bennie and I have been champing at the bit to start gardening. Today is the last frost date for our area, but I need decent soil for the beds. So, until I can acquire said soil, we put the near-spent bulbs into the ground from various Equinox/Easter gifts. Mainly tulips, a couple of Hyacinth and a crocus. It will be necessary to put some kind of cage or barrier to protect them from the squirrels. I'm rather hoping this particular piece of ground is too rocky for the mole to make its way over. It's a fair start and the task got our hands dirty. All good.

You may note these photos are completely devoid of male youths. I have seen them outside in daylight, so I know they don't sparkle or anything, but they rarely leave their respective Man Caves unless there's food or a need to shower. (On non-school days, of course.) Neither of them would be caught dead gardening.

Now. In the realm of chopping wood and carrying water, it's time for laundry . . . or we could just go back to gardening.

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