Monday, April 16, 2012

elevenses with the chickens

Not that much was accomplished before 11:00am this
morning ~ meditation, animal care, Yin Yoga, Ailing Youth
Management ~ but I felt the call of the Great Beyond with
a cup of tea.

A not-so-sweeping vista to the south west.

Whose-Its (we ran out of names so that's her name) in
the bamboo.

The view to the south east with Joel Coen, Brownie
and Angel.

Bennie's pic of purple flowers.

Another by her of hyacinth.

Once again, up close and purple.

Bennie's shot of the rue.

And of the already-humongous comfrey.

She was pleased to see last year's chard poking through.

And how could one ignore pansies at elevenses?

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Ashling said...

That mug is gorgeous! May I inquire as to its origin?