Sunday, April 22, 2012

dear yoga body . . .

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How have we learned together? Videotapes with Patricia Walden and Rodney Yee. Yoga the Iyengar Way by Silva, Mira and Shyam Mehta. We are self-taught, you and I. We've learned by copying and studying and listening to each other. This feels good and safe, this does not. We find alternatives for my twisted form. We find alternatives for what isn't ready to move a certain way. I marvel how your cellular memory kicks in when I haven't practiced asanas for too long a time. When I'm certain the only thing this body will remember is Computerchairasana you move easily into Ardha Chandrasana and I'm floating on air, balanced on one foot and one hand. Then I am the Moon. As we move in familiar ways, I feel the knots and tensions melt and integrate into my being. No longer are the worries and angers and pains stuck in one place or another; they are finally able to move freely through me. And then I see things differently. I might move within this new perspective. I might say something I hadn't the courage to say. I might let certain issues sit a little longer. I might have an epiphany. I love how we accept each other as we are in this moment. That I'm not a Size __ (fill in the blank with dress size in High School), does not bother you. Beauty is found in my form the way it is now, regardless of age. That there are days I can't seem to move easily into asana does not trouble you. We simply agree to try again another day and do something a little easier, but still beneficial.

And, finally, when we are done, resting in Savasana, I feel the Self Love that is my birth rite. After final mediation, we take tea and toast reflecting on time well spent. Thank you, dear Yoga Body, for being here for me.

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Ruth said...

You're wonderful.

Over the past weekend, friends of ours told us a story about someone they know who was diagnosed with MS in his 20's. He simply gave up and swiftly moved to being wheelchair-ridden.

In light of that, and your grace, I give you this: