Monday, April 30, 2012

Beltaine & crystal spa time

 Ah! Beltaine and the lusty month of May! The altar is set with antlers, a flowered circlet and a bouquet of lilacs. I caught the setting sun perfectly for this photo, lighting up the Isis crystal just so. Circle Round and Celebrating The Great Mother has plenty of Pagan and Earth based stories along with activities for Youths and those Youthful at Heart. We may read through a few of them tonight.

One thing I neglected to do back at the Vernal Equinox was to get my crystals out to the garden for a break ~ time in the sunshine and touching Earth (their Mother). Given how bizarre the weather has been in my neck of the woods, it's just as well I waited until now. We are past the Frost finally. Aren't we?

I'm a little unorthodox about clearing the crystals that live with me. I've done the Native American way of soaking in sea salt, but then I got to thinking: not all Native Americans had access to the sea. Maybe crystals were smudged with sage. Maybe not. I don't have historical fact backing my assumptions one way or another so I go with my gut. I figure simply letting crystal beings spend time outside does enough of the Work necessary for clearing and energizing. A little sun, a little moon, time on the ground ~ heck, even a little rain ~ should do the trick. Works like a charm for humans, why not crystals?

So these beaming buddies of mine will camp out in the garden until maybe full moon. Some might stay in the garden for the season. Some might come back in the house to keep me company. The Isis crystal will join the bunch this weekend since Archaeoastronomy has Beltaine falling on May 4. I'd like the altar to stay together until then.
When I came out to snap photos for the blog, I found
this fellow grooving on the quartz sphere.

He went over this way then danced around going . . .

that way. Funny thing.

Three of the quartz near the lemon balm and blueberry.

Crystals set in a bowl to soak up the sun.


Ashling said...

Wouldn't count on that frost thing. I remember one year happily spending all of Mothers' Day planting...only to lose it all to a freeze just a few days later. We've hauled the sheets off the grapes, but haven't folded and stored them yet!

Ruth said...

I'm sure your crystals tell you what they need. You of all people know how to listen.

The photo of the wee bee on the sphere looks like something walking across the moon.

You really do have a gift for photography.