Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a backyard ramble

Comfrey ready to bloom.
It's always a refreshing activity to head outdoors after a good rain which ~ noted ad nauseum ~ we haven't had in awhile. With creative time being eaten up by massive amounts of Spring Cleaning, getting out to the yard was all I could manage in between the busy-ness. And here is what I saw . . .
Thyme peeking through its own bramble from winter.

Ah, Purple Sage!

Lemon balm, of course.

An extended mound of rocks I think might
be part of a ley line in my front yard.
A future dowsing project.

The mountain in the west.

My favorite wooded area with wild blueberries.

 Just a little random self-portrait.

A small ridge.

Such a treat to find these, but I can't seem
to identify them.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

Sweetheart, that lovely flower is an English bluebell. Jay and I were in fields of them one Beltane while we were in the Cornwall countryside.