Monday, March 12, 2012

the vernal pool

A sight like this first thing in the morning inspires me to
get out and walk. So after dropping youths at the bus stop
I grabbed the camera again and set out on that walk.

The Vernal pool caught my attention this morning.
What could a Vernal pool mean to me right now in my life?


Death feeding Life?

Fecund soil?

A doorway to the Underworld?

Food for thought?

A clarification of emotions?

Decomposition within life?

Near the end of my walk, where I usually turn at my
favorite pine trees, I saw these Ladies enjoying their
morning fodder in the field. I let the camera move in close
rather than disturb them further by moving in closer myself.
Now. Time to get back to the studio.

1 comment:

Ashling said...

With such inspiration to start the day, the studio seems a logical place to go next!