Saturday, March 03, 2012

some studio skinny

The Alice Sweater, in progress and modified.
So. Here's the thing. I'm having no problem at all talking myself out of Spring Cleaning. None whatsoever. Really, I have too much going on in my little corner of the world. There are better things to do than corral the dust bunnies (at this point, I may even create an altar just for them) and shoo the spiders to the nether regions of our vaulted ceilings. I've finished the Football Knitting of the Neverending Scarf of Eternal Touchdowns. (It's just a garter stitch knitted scarf, folks. Not worth a photo.) Which frees me up to focus on this sweater again during TV viewing ~ Justified, Archer, It's Always Sunny . . . ~ my serious schlock, down time. My newly fabricated personal journal is complete and awaiting for entries. Which frees me up to finish a painting on the easel. And then there is the spinning (thanks, Kim!) and the personal studies. (Speaking of which, I've found this site to be mighty cool.) I leave you now with random images from my corner of the world.
The sweater paired with fiber waiting
to be spun.

Fibers, spun and unspun, waiting since the last
Sheep & Wool in Rhinebeck. Can you say, "Slacker?"

A studio table that's seen some action of late.

The personal study and rumination table filled with stuff.

My SoulCollage® curio space.


Ashling said...

About the 'slacker' comment...I have fleece filling two totes from the 2010 Sheep & Wool fest, so I would be one reader not throwing stones!

Ruth said...

And is that a hand-knit knitting bag?

Dawn Z said...

Yes. That is a hand-knit bag.

Ruth said...

Oh . . . Archer is one of our favorite little dirty pleasures. ;-)