Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Ze ingredients! (Yes. I cheated with the canned tomatoes,
but they were still lovingly prepared.)
For dinner tonight, Bennie and I made ratatouille using the recipe found at Epicurious. We'd made this same recipe about a month ago with relatives visiting and were met with delicious success. Thought we'd give it another gustatory go.

I don't think I've ever met a meal so simultaneously humble and exalted. Earlier today, a dear friend commented on how she has found more spirituality in doing the day-to-day mundane rather than racing off to some spiritual retreat in the mountains. (I live half way up a mountain so I guess I'm half way on a spiritual retreat on a daily basis.) Ratatouille is a little like that. It is the Divine Sublime of food. It doesn't require a retreat.

American tastes would dictate that some sort of starch is needed to round out ratatouille, but it's already pretty round. We added shavings of Asiago. That's it. Can't get rounder than that.

By the way, the actual recipe used in the movie Ratatouille is this, confit byaldi. Bennie and I are going to try this next time.
Voila! A meal for a Queen despite its humble appearance.

Bodhi catching the afternoon breeze
and sun. It is a dog's life.

My piece of evening sky . . .

Finally, I leave you with this . . .

Yeah. A taste of ratatouille is just like in the animated movie.

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Ruth said...

I love this film. LOVE IT. I would also love to have a little Ratatouille statue (the rat) for my kitchen. :-)

Never underestimate the power of taste to transform one's being to another place and time.