Monday, March 05, 2012

ode to embodiment

Lisa Lyon, 1983 Robert Mapplethorpe
Dear Human Physical Form,

Thank you, Dear Body, for housing my Spirit.
Thank you for being the vehicle with which I can experience this World.
Let me be mindful of your needs.
Let me be mindful of your pleasures.
Remind me to take care of you before you feel pain.
Tell me to go to bed. (Denial is the first sign of being tired.)
Tell me when I'm hungry or thirsty.
Remind me if it's been too long since I've had sex.
May I trust your judgement about what is good to eat.
May I learn to feed myself accordingly.
Do not let me forget that each an every one of my cells encases my Spirit.
Do not let me speak badly of these cells so they may respond to Love.
Let my arms embrace joy and terror, happiness and sorrow, for these are emotions a body holds on to.
Let them be released from my embrace when these emotions have run their course.
Let me hold all parts of myself in Love and Caring so that I may be whole and Holy.
If I breathe, I breathe in the Air of a million years and so connect to my Ancestors and everyone here.
If my will is strong, let that Fire warm others and guide them.
When I dive into the ocean, let that salty water remind me where I came from and where I will go back to one day.
As I stand on this earth, let my bones hold my form upright, my muscles move easily, my heart beat in unison with Mother Earth's.

Thank you, Dear Body, for housing this Wandering Spirit, and when we are done, let me feel satisfaction in having lived this life Fully Embodied.

The lunatic ravings of someone who hasn't practiced Yin Yoga in a dog's age.
I should be back tomorrow.

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Ashling said...

You have no idea (unless you've stopped by my blog in the last couple of days) how meaningful this prayer is to me right now. Thank you!