Monday, March 19, 2012

the lake

The lake at the Western shore.
The lake we live by is a joy at any season, but spring holds its sweetness with a promise of swimming and lazy summer days by the beach. My morning walk found my feet trekking down the path to the community beach to get a gander at the seasonal activity.

There was a light breeze, but nothing that would move a serene lake. The stillness on the outside mirrored the stillness I felt within. I like mornings happening this way ~ smooth, centered. Peeps sent off to their destinations and the house feeling sorted and settled. I am free to take myself for this walk and explore the sights I see everyday. Beginner's Mind everyday.
More of the Western shore.

Not wanting to disturb this pair of geese, I skipped going
to the gazebo this morning.

The lake at evening.

Bennie and I went down to the lake in the evening. It is one of my favorite times viewing the lake because the water sparkles and shimmers ~ like a lake of diamonds. The lake laughs at the day, laughs with the sun passing over, and is not as introspective as it was in the morning. The lake in evening doesn't want to reflect, it wants to shine.

We sit in the gazebo and soak in the last rays of the day, breathing in the spring air. Air completely devoid of any hint of winter or its harsh conditions. The breezes caress and play with our hair inviting a lightness of being. It is the fair weather friend.

We sit in the gazebo . . . There is nothing wrong with letting Life feel easy.
A favorite juniper near the gazebo.

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Ruth said...

I love love love the photo of the bare trees reflected in the water, with the brilliant blue below. Like viewing Midgard from above.