Tuesday, March 13, 2012

driving to Lancaster

A Lancaster farm along the highway.
Dirk had materials to pick up for a job because delivery dates were not working in his favor. So I went along for the ride to Lancaster. The whole area seemed weird. A landscape mixture of wide open spaces and then ridiculous clustermucks of buildings, plazas and condos. I took photos of the wide open areas. Clustermucks aren't photo-worthy.

Seeing the Pennsylvania barns got me to thinking about hex signs. A lot of the barns were too far in the distance for me to see any, but I got to thinking about them nonetheless. According to the Wikipedia link, the Amish are not superstitious and therefore don't ascribe protective or magical properties to or use the hex signs. However, there are many folks who do. I'm probably in with the latter crowd as I feel art is magical in its own right, Folk or otherwise. The classic hex signs also inspired this musing: What would today's hex signs be?

Another, of course.

Fantastic rolling hills that kiss the sky.
An old hex sign
Yet another oldie.
Could this be the new hex sign of today?

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Ruth said...

Are you inspired to make a hex sign for your own home?