Friday, March 16, 2012

back soon

A green Corriedale waiting to be spun along with two
spools from last night and earlier in the day (Archer time,
most likely.)
Perhaps it went where I thought I might like to go today. Maybe to a Parisian cafe. Istanbul? Around the block? Well wherever it went, my back was out for the day. Thankfully, spinning wasn't uncomfortable so with the appropriate NSAID and an Icy-Hot patch, I spun. I spun through several past episodes of Archer, the first three episodes of Downton Abbey ~ Season One and at least three of The X-Files ~ Season Four.

I also hauled out the Lazy Kate for some two-color plying. All in all a productive day despite the physical handicap.
Millie, Lazy Kate and I plying during Downton Abbey.

Gettin' on the green for tomorrow.

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