Thursday, March 01, 2012

artistic experimentation

Working with the back cover of my journal (right) and a
page from a magazine to be used as a "blank" page
in the journal.

A medium layer of impasto in white acrylic.
Lurking up in the right corner is a print out of one of my
rock photos printed on tracing paper.

While waiting for paint and
Mod Podge to dry, I cleaned
and reset my Brighid altar.

A few steps missing, the back is finished.
Magenta and orange tempera paint was added
as a wash over the canvas and impasto.
Paper towel used to remove excess on the
acrylic. Then the tissue paper rock print was
set into place with Mod Podge over the
acrylic impasto. 
The cover of an old Chronogram with
tissue paper glued over the glossy image
for easier writing later.

My finished journal cover!

Front cover inside and a blank journal page.

Back cover inside with another blank journal page.

And the back cover. There are three extra holes on the left
side because I wasn't paying attention. Bennie approached
me with an idea to make my journal look less "mental"
suggesting I finish off the extra holes with grommets and
then I could add ribbons or bits of yarn left over from knitting
projects. She is her mother's daughter!

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