Thursday, March 15, 2012

Archer and spinning

Some mohair blends waiting for Archer with me.
It's Thursday. Archer comes on at 10:00pm in my time zone.  This time of night is tough for me. I rise (stumble out, actually) at 5:30am for human rousing and 12 minutes of shamatha meditation. The rest of the morning is then spent moving folks along as the Human Dispatcher. The day does what it does. So when 9:30pm rolls around, I'm often looking at the clock wondering if I can make it to 10:00.

Spinning at this late hour worked very well when I wanted to stay cognizant for Justified Tuesday night I figure I can repeat the action for tonight. Kim has shamed me into spinning more often. She seems to be engaged in heavy fiber activity every chance she gets whether spinning, carding or scouring large quantities of wool. And, AND deconstructing many good quality wool sweaters to harvest yarn. Really. I've not one ounce of this ambition.
The oatmeal mohair blend was nearly finished during
Justified Tuesday night. I hope to move on to the
evergreen-colored blend tonight.

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Ruth said...

In all honesty . . . how difficult is it to learn to use a drop spindle? I'm toying with the concept and might succumb to purchasing one when I go to the KY Sheep and Fiber Festival in May.