Sunday, March 25, 2012

activity and preparedness

The Squirrel with the Copper-colored Tail.
I don't normally notice squirrels as they are ubiquitous in my neck of the woods. This fellow, however, has had my attention for the past few days. As one might discern, the only means of recognizing him from the general squirrel populace is his copper-colored tail. I've observed him rummaging through last fall's leaves, grubbing for food. There was a spectacular display of play fighting the other day involving a less resplendent looking squirrel that spanned five trees across the front yard. Finally, I caught him at a quiet moment nibbling seeds. I had to photograph him through the kitchen window ~ opening the door would have sent him scurrying.

Ted Andrews' books about the spiritual and magical in animals seen are always readily accessible in my library. Naturally, it was the first tome grabbed for some explanation why this squirrel has come to my attention. Activity and preparedness. Well, fine, but there is more. According to Animal-Speak, I could ask myself these questions:

Finding every little edible seed he can get his maw on.
Am I too active?
Not active enough?
Am I planning for the future, distant and near?
Do I need to learn how to save and ration on any level ~ money, time, energy, etc?
Am I afraid I will never have enough?
Am I getting too hung up on collecting and accumulating?
Am I gathering and not giving?

There is also the reminder to make time for socializing and playing. If I'm honest, a few questions above seem like mighty good ones to ask myself.

One of my other places to find spiritual/magical qualities in animals is at Animal Spirit. Here's their take on Squirrel. (Scroll down a bit.) I like resourcefulness on that list.

Whatever the reason, I'm honored to have noticed Coppertail Squirrel in the vast space of Squirrelness I live with here.


Za faran said...

I enjoyed reading the post and the picture of the copper tailed one! Will have to find out more about animal spirits.

Ruth said...

Most of the squirrels here look like your coppertailed friend. I miss seeing the black ones from far Upstate NY and Canada.

Now that I've found an effective way to keep the tree rats from decimating the contents of my bird feeder, I'm feeling far more indulgent toward them. After all, it's not like we don't buy huge bags of corn for them.