Thursday, February 16, 2012

the waking garden & a little green

Wee bit o' lemon balm peeking through.
Before leaving for the morning constitutional, I meandered over to the garden to see if anything was going on. I noticed there was, indeed, some plants putting up shoots and leaves of green. Since I have plants and chickens sharing this space for a little while (depends on Joel's recovery), I had to put tomato cages around my perennial herbs to save them from being dug up by the hens.

Dirk and I walked down the hill again. Not much discussion about vines killing trees. It's like living with the Lorax because of his passion for the health of the old-growth trees being what it is. He may as well carry a small chain saw on the next walk to cut some of those pernicious vines.

I went with an eye out for some green and was happy to find it amongst the brown and bramble. The air was just right, too. Cool enough to breathe deeply, warm enough to walk without a hat. Nature nurtures.

On a side note, I sent myself a note through this nifty app called Nudge Mail, where you can send yourself a note near or far into the future. It was a cute surprise to find this in my Inbox today:

On this day last year, I chose this card:

Son of Stones in the West, Chief Seattle with regard to this question: What will look different to me a year from now?

So, if I'm reckoning rightly, it would seem I have more responsibility in my environment. My actions carry consequences so I weigh them carefully. I have become more aware of my connection to Nature, the Earth, and act in accordance with Her laws. I am taking care of my body and those of the people around me. There is nothing quick here ~ it's slow and steady with consideration of others and the Earth.

We shall see.

I think I can agree with some of this . . . Nudge Mail. It's a beneficial object.
The herb bed picked clean by the chickens.

Some thyme showing a little green.

The rue stayed green all winter, but the chickens made
short order of many leaves.

Green moss on the walk. The roots look
like they're draped over the rock.

Squee! A blooming periwinkle!

And snowdrops making their debut on the mountain.

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Ruth said...

I was out doing the errand thing yesterday when I saw daffodils in full bloom just around the corner from our house. When did this happen? The crocus in our front yard are still sound asleep.