Friday, February 17, 2012

sun room

A new space with much removed.
A sunny day is the perfect day to show off a revamped sun room. With My People off to work, college and school, I spent a leisurely morning with a cup of tea and English muffins and some inspirational reading material. Then it was time for Yin Yoga, a fruitless search in the house for something I'm certain I still have but can't find and a walk (which turned into a ride as I went to the town vet with a neighbor understandably upset her cat might be dying). It was a necessary time out for my psyche in a relatively dust bunny-free room.

Tomorrow: the dining room.

My Amulets of the Goddess altar space.

This is a slab construction ceramic project I did in
High School. The theme at the time was one's own Dream
Room. It's funny how my Dream Room nearly matches my
Waking Reality. Cats, knitting, comfort . . . I put the crystal on
the book as an added touch just recently.

A night blooming cereus over an ivy.

A small collection of ivys and a Wandering Jew.

My Kitchen Altar with the Pick o' the Day: the Elder of Air.


Ruth said...

Looking at photos of your home is like visiting the best B&B on the planet. I always feel like I've had a privilege bestowed upon me.

Someday, we will get to go through the boxes and piles of furniture as we sort out what's going upstairs. I eagerly await making a mountain "to go."

Ashling said...

YOur sun room looks so inviting...and clean! Very, very nice...