Tuesday, February 21, 2012

raucous night

The long weekend began at a frenzied pace and continued unceasingly up until now. And after now, the pace will pick up again, I'll warrant.

Friday was the Waterbury, CT run to meet Tom's girlfriend. That takes care of the evening. No falafel at Fattoush's though.

Saturday saw various parts of the house being worked on in efforts to maintain what we built. Then a bad movie hardly worth mentioning.

Sunday morning we arranged a tender burial for an old furry friend, Isabelle, who lived long and well with Andrea and Jonathan, our neighbors. Also attending, was a new neighbor, Laura, and, of course, Westley the Pomeranian, who also lived with Isabelle. Andrea and I were decked out in our animal hats, she in a cute kitty number and me in my aurochs horns. Because Andrea and Jonathan rent where they live, we offered space on our property (where we have a healthy pet cemetery going with one cat, two hamsters and several chickens) to lay Isabelle to rest. She has a fine view of the lake and a lucky plot relatively stone-free. May Bast welcome Isabelle with open paws.

That night, Bethe, Bennie and I, along with Andrea, went to our local SoulCollage® circle.

Monday was pick-up day back in Waterbury, where we received a more-than-nauseous offspring. We're hoping it was some disagreeable food. I'm not in the mood for stomach viruses all around. This time, we got falafel. Once home, the night got crazier. House full of people: Grace, Kim and Casey, Bill and his family, then Andrea and Jonathan for awhile. Chili and brie, chevre and pumpkin pie, crackers and pistachios ~ all fodder for a fun gathering.

Bethe brought her spinning wheel. Kim was working my Millie and Bethe's drum carder (Kim'll be borrowing that awhile longer). I managed food, some drop spinning and knitting while doing the fair-to-middling hostessing. Kim and I made batts until midnight when Cinderella's coach turned into a pumpkin and the mice all stopped in for a beer.
Kim, drum carding expert.

The fiber Kim and Bennie cleaned for me while on the
way back from Fattoush.

Some mighty fine alpaca, ready for carding and spinning.

Some unidentified fiber, ready for batts.

More drum carding expertise in action.

Kim giving me the drum carding pointers.

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Ruth said...

Someone I know just purchased seven Highland cattle. I've been wondering if the hair would be usable for knitting and have found a small amount of information on same. Mind you, I don't know how to spin . . . yet.

There used to be a Highland cattle farm not far from the house we rented in Hopewell Junction. Well worth the drive up into the hills to see the great shaggy beasties.