Saturday, February 11, 2012

journal epiphany

A combination of whimsy and something from
my photo yesterday.
I've been inspired to draw the Fae again. The last time I even had an inkling to draw the Goode People I was in High School (and dinosaurs roamed the earth). Naturally, my inspiration came by way of Brian Froud and Alan Lee's illustrations from none other than this book. My mother had given me the first edition back in 1978 for xmas. It's been my favorite Faerie tome ever since.
Yes, I copied this fellow from the book.

And here's the epiphany: I think it's time I started doing something different with my journals. Bound books aren't working very well anymore. They are, by their very natures, binding. I'm open to ideas, but I think a regular binder would be good. Or just loose pages bound some other way. I made a nifty Compendium (what others might refer to as a Book of Shadows) years ago that still serves me well. Something I neglected to photograph for the purposes of this post, of course.

I made the Compendium using two canvas boards, binder rings and grommets for the holes. All very easy to add to and wickedly arcane to behold. So. Perhaps the same construction, but smaller? Something to moodle over.

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Ruth said...

Draw them, but never invite them in and never offer to make a deal with Them That's In It.