Monday, February 06, 2012

I don't do hair

For about a month, Dirk had been hounding me to use this thing on his head. I tried in all this time to ignore the requests because I don't care what the box says, you really can't cut hair with it. Today was the day though. Fresh off a Giants Superbowl win, Tom driving himself to work in a recently-maintained vehicle (needed struts badly regardless of the arguments) and a plan for dinner. How bad could it be? Well. As the title states, I don't do hair. I announced this disclaimer with the multi-groom tool in hand ready to take off several inches of hair. We can laugh about it now. Actually, we laughed the whole time. Something off the To-Do List at least.

Dirk with hair a little shorter than planned.

A meager attempt at avoiding the paparazzi.

Yeah. We can laugh about it now.

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Ruth said...

Dirk has the sweetest grin (but don't tell him I said so).