Friday, February 10, 2012

a Friday walk

Vine twining an oak.
We let Tom take the van to college this morning. Much apprehension, but we all survived the anxiety. Just another milestone in life. Seeing 'em off to Kindergarten ain't got nothin' on this.

Nonetheless, the send-off afforded me time to walk in the morning again. So I did. With Dirk. Today, I noticed vines. Dirk can't abide them. He feels they need to be dealt with immediately and without mercy. I find them kind of cool ~ especially in the ways they twist into each other (and saplings) as they grow, creating the most interesting organic shapes. Yes, they slowly and systematically kill trees. However, I've got an uninformed idea that vines probably tend to grow on trees that are weak. I could be wrong.

My other reasons for taking these photos is so I can sketch the roots, rocks, twining vines and twigs. They will make interesting backgrounds for a variety of subjects and it'll be a great exercise in colored pencil blending. Besides, I haven't drawn from Life in a dog's age (don't ask which dog).

And so I leave you with visions from this morning's walk . . .
Vine very close.

An undulating tangle of vines.

True, not a vine, but it looks like it was
painted into this space.

Bittersweet in a pine from very far away.

That same bittersweet very close.

Gnarled old tree growing from rock.

Gnarled roots.

Like the eye of a needle.

Bending and twisting around a silver birch.

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Ruth said...

I think I'm somewhere between Dirk and you with regards to my feelings about vines. Some of them are cool. Some, like ivy and vinca, just choke/suck the life out of a tree.

Thank you for continuing to post these wonderful photos. It's a joy seeing your world through your camera lens. Makes me want to grab my camera and get some shots - there are some fabulous 100+ year old trees in my neighborhood that have hidey-holes for gnomes. You'd like them.