Wednesday, February 22, 2012

finding my feet on the labyrinth

Sometimes, on the road of Life, one may veer wildly into the bridge abutment of Chaos in the desperate attempt to find a little simplicity. It's these times when a labyrinth comes in handy. Luckily, we've one lying about at the Garrison Institute open to the public for the soul weary and emotionally wayward.

This is where I landed myself late in the afternoon after a day of running around. It was a little chilly, but not so much I couldn't shed my clogs to walk the circuit barefoot.

I offered myself as I was in that moment. Uncertain. Tense for no discernible reason. Frazzled. Free of any agenda other than walking as mindfully as possible. Barefootin' makes Mindful a little easier.

After a few turns in the labyrinth, uncertainty didn't particularly matter, the tenseness eased and the nerves were feeling a little less frayed. It was sweet to find someone had left their prayer, their wish, on a piece of paper folded under a rock with a penny on top. Fishing around in my coat, I found one grubby penny to add to their prayer. I have no idea what the prayer was for ~ not my business. My only business in that gesture was support, allowing me to act on someone else's behalf instead of wishing my own wishes or praying my own prayers. I've got plenty of time for that.
On the circuit.

How do we get so far from where we started?

Further along.

Someone's prayer. 
My penny addition.

An ivy leaf spotted on the way out.

A green-veined heart in the ivy.

Buddha in the garden.

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Ruth said...

Step by step. It's all we have.