Saturday, February 25, 2012

a day at the Met

Yesterday, Our Little Family went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the day, albeit, a little late in the day. But then, you can't do just a day at the MMoA ~ no way! I had one small goal of getting to the Renaissance Portraits, Donatello to Bellini. Dirk's small goal was getting to the New American Wing. These goals were met. If you go to the MMoA, it had better be with some focus because getting lost in all the art is incredibly easy to do. Like an internet search that veers wildly off course from searching How to make Pancakes to viewing electrical engineering sites.

The portraits were phenomenal. Cameras weren't allowed in this portion of the exhibit, but thanks to a little Google image searching, I found my favorite piece of the show, Ideal Portrait of a Lady by Sandro Botticelli. Most of the portraits were tempera on wood, a few oils on wood or canvas. Busts were to be found as was one cameo piece.

The New American Wing was just as wonderful. We found a Dirk Van Erp lamp (gotta have one now). We meandered the Frank Lloyd Wright room. I sneaked a few photos in this exhibit (w/o flash, of course), but they're too blurry for sharing here. (I've got my standards.) We forget sometimes that while there were Impressionists in Europe, there were plenty here in America. It was a pleasure seeing some of these pieces. Bumped into a bit of Grandma Moses too.

All in all, it was a good day. Culture with a capital K and a lucky dinner at Carmine's. I say lucky because we almost had a 45 minute wait until we made to promise to be out by 8:00pm for the reservation yet to come. At the table in one minute, out the door by 8:15. Not too shabby.

Following, are random shots from the MMoA . . .

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Ruth said...

What an absolute treat to go to the Met. :-)

We're planning on getting in to see the French Impressionists exhibit at the Speed Art Museum before it leaves. Jay and I really need to do more cultural things in this city of the arts.