Wednesday, February 15, 2012

chillin' with the knittin'

I am at that strange ambiguous stage of Spring Cleaning where I've emptied nearly all the contents of one room into another with the haphazard plan of paring down what goes back into that room. Zen-like in house keeping, I am not. (Sorry, just saw Star Wars 3D ~ a little Yoda-speak sneaks in on occasion.) I don't think I'm a hoarder, but I'm not a minimalist either. I like my stuff. However, the stuff-ness of life gets a little . . . stuffy. So. It's taken me three days to decide what will go back into the sun room and what will go else where or to the next dumpster rental. The plants are the challenge right now. The scraggy looking plants are being chopped into cuttings for fresh new plants while the parent plant has a one-way ticket to the compost. Thankfully, the African Violets are cooperating. The ivys, particularly the Pothos or Devil's Ivy, is taking over. And then there's the Wandering Jew; let's not discuss the Wandering Jew. One more day without driving around and I should have the sun room sorted out. Then it'll be the dining room.

After a day of errands and taxiing, I'm ready to settle in with whatever is on TV and the Homespun scarf. I'd like to get that out of the way so I can focus on the sweater. Football season is over and the scarf was football knitting ~ simple knitting requiring very little attention and goes well with hot wings. Now that the season is done, I just want to get this puppy knitted up and move on.

So much for that new nightly practice of painting every night.

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