Sunday, February 12, 2012


My Olde Compendium.
Front and back covers are canvas boards.

Bound with grommets and rings.

Mulberry paper and photos on the inside cover.
Calligraphy on drawing paper.

The Practical Magic Book of Shadows was my inspiration
for creating the Compendium.

Which is why I added pressed herbs, flowers and feathers.

My Wheel of the Year.

Star Finder.

Shining Flame.

Water Maker.
(Not my photo, not certain of the credits.)

Black Mother.
(Also not my photo, not certain of the credits.)

Photos from Great Britain of Long Meg and her Daughters.

Some blank pages yet to fill.

Another page and the inside back cover.

8" x 10" canvas boards with grommets and mulberry
paper glued into place. Soon to be painted and embellished.
Oh, and filled.


Ashling said...

Beautiful & inspirational!

Ruth said...

If only we lived closer together. There's so very much to talk about.

Your compendium is gorgeous. Tell me - what did you use to attach/preserve the feather and rue?