Thursday, February 09, 2012

adding hen-sult to injury

Joel and Angel in the garden.
The black rooster here is Joel Coen (yes, he has a brother named Ethan). He got into a tussle with a raccoon sometime last week which damaged some muscles and nerves in his neck. In short, as a rough and tough rooster, he's out of commission and has to be sequestered from the rest of the flock until healed. That means time in a large dog crate just out side my studio and daylight hours in the sleeping garden. Joel needs the safe space as roosters, by their very nature, are bastards to other weaker roosters. I figure the garden would be good. Dirk figured he needed company. So Angel the white Auracana has been added to the pen. Brownie, who isn't such a bastard, merely gestures his maleness outside the pen. All of which gives Joel a healthy competition to act likewise on his side.

My minimum requirements are to get outside at least once a day for at least a half hour. Nature, even in the back yard, does wonders.

In the meantime, I've been the college taxi, knitting the sweater and drawing Froud-ian faeries in the journal. It's been ages since I've done that. Photos next round.
Brownie acting all tough.

Titmouse visiting the refilled feeder.

Beauty shot in the woods.

My favorite little oak.

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Ashling said...

Hey--you have snow!!! Best wishes to poor Joel...