Friday, January 06, 2012

what's all this about non-goals?

What are these tears producing?
I've bumped into a few blogs touting the virtues of Non-Goals. This one came to my Inbox. Which lead to this one, which lead to this post ~ which may be the beginning of the whole Non-goal enchilada. So. Hopping half a cheek on the bloggity bandwagon, I thought I'd chime in with a few of my own non-goals. I'll leave the Cheering Squad behind though. The rah-rah's grate on my nerves like fingernails on a blackboard . . . Without further ado, those things I'd like to keep on keeping on in 2012 are:
  1. Walking at least  3 times a morning.
  2. Daily blogging.
  3. Daily Tarot/Oracle draw.
  4. Getting to the studio.
  5. Yin Yoga.
  6. Keeping my People all together in harmony.
  7. Meditation in the morning.
  8. Cultivating a sense of wonder.
That'll do.

In the meantime, I showed up at the easel last night to do a little painting. It was only about a half hour's worth, but it's better than going to bed feeling ticked off about doing nothing. Pictured are the delightful developments to date. It's different from the painting I had in my head. Yeah, the one I thought of while driving. Didn't happen. Instead, the swirly thing occurred. We'll see where it all goes.

Swirling center of ambiguity . . . for now.
Ol' Faithful, revamped.
Yesterday, saw an earnest search for my old tackle box. It was my art caddy all through college and I wanted to reclaim it from the dread Matchbox cars stored within its bowels for nearly 20 years. After rummaging about in the basement, speculating about the third floor loft area and finally going through Ian's closet, the search was met with success. Reclamation is messy work. There was work ahead of me cleaning out the Boy Stuff. The dumping of the aforementioned Matchbox cars, the scraping of errant stickers and the cleaning out of some residue best left unexplored and undetermined. I live dangerously close enough to Walmart. Why didn't I just go and buy a new one? Well. This one is mine from Artistic Academia days. While I don't have the fondest of memories in college studying Art, I did enjoy having all my stuff in one place and ready to go. Tonight's SoulCollage® circle was the impetus for excavating this particular item. There are certain tools I prefer using in creating cards ~ X-acto knife, Mod Podge (you know I love my Mod Podge), and sometimes a little paint. These items aren't always available at the circle. Rather than putting the burden on the facilitator to supply everything, it's great to have my own goody box of stuff to play with. Also, tackle boxes aren't made like this anymore. And it's got History.
There's even places for rocks, shells and candles to add
that spontaneous ambiance. Spirit has to fit in the box too.

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