Saturday, January 21, 2012

there ain't nothing like a woman with a violin

Katie Jacoby (& friend) ~ photo Rick Edwards Photography
I have seen, live, the likes of Jimmy Page, the Edge, David Gilmour and Pete Townsend ~ all rock star guitar gods. (I haven't seen Dave Navarro live yet, but he injected some sex in the guitar on One Hot Minute with Red Hot Chili Peppers which makes that album still one of my favorites.) They all know how to sling an axe and rock it until the thing sizzles. That's not to say that Nancy Wilson doesn't do as well ~ she too is awesome in her ability to wail out the tunes. However, there is no poetry in motion as sweet as a woman with a violin.

Dirk and I went to the Falcon ready for some Zappa tunes with Ed Palermo Big Band, but got so much more. Wandering on to the stage during one set, amongst the brass, strings, keyboards and drums, electric violin strapped into place, was an ephemeral, lithe, elfin-faced woman animated to the core with Zappa. Katie Jacoby took the stage with presence and mastery of craft. Men and women in the audience were taken with her beauty and ability. The entire band was tight and played a wide variety of Zappa, much of which I am woefully unaware of and some of which had legal ramifications. I bought their CD, but am more inclined to investigate Frank Zappa's music itself as a result of last night's show.

We are indeed lucky to be only a half hour away from the Falcon, an awesome center of alternative music and good food. Got cool art on the walls too.

More on Katie Jacoby here and here.

Well. There's just no room here to write about tea cozies now, is there?

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Kathy said...

That was truly a great show, I'll never pass up an opportunity to see them again. I want to get the cd, should have done it last night.