Saturday, January 07, 2012

SoulCollage® circle

I Am the One Who walks. I walk over mountains. I walk
over the moon. I walk until I feel like I'm on air;
like I'm flying. I walk for my Soul. My walking is a prayer.
I give you the wonderment of life. I give you Sight in the
mundane, walking by things seen everyday.
All I want from you is your willingness to walk and
your curiosity.
Such a treat to gather for SoulCollage circle. The focus was on Epiphanies as it was the holy day of such.
I Am the One Who lives in water.
I live under water and breathe it in.
You can float your boat, but
sometimes you have to dive in!

Bennie's photo of Crystal being a couch potato.

And Bennie Beauty shot from the other night.

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