Saturday, January 28, 2012

sometimes I make mistakes

Literally. Sometime ago, I'd knitted up the Monk Coat, but, and this is crucial, I've never worn it except for that photo. An inaction that speaks volumes. If I'm not wearing something, it means it's not comfortable. As I've been in a sweater-ripping haze (thank you, Kim), I got to thinking maybe this piece is one of those things I ought to reclaim the fiber from.

I tried the coat on one more time, just to make sure, before committing to the Rip. Yes. It is uncomfortable. Here's why: I did not create arm holes. With less chunkier yarn, that might not be such a big deal. Another yarn with more drape than shape would probably have been perfectly fine for the boxy construction I created. However, this yarn is quite chunky so the armholes feel very constrictive ~ claustrophobic, in fact. Rather than let good chunky yarn go to waste on something I'm not going to wear (or inflict an unsuspecting someone with), better to rip it and make a more sensible sweater.

Well. Steampunk anyone?

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Ruth said...

I wasn't going to say anything . . .

*Hugs* and love and many "oh wells" in your general direction. Duck if you so desire.