Sunday, January 29, 2012

something new

Brown and blue waiting for new.
There. Several months to create, a mere half hour to disassemble. In this pile are some recent spinnings of browns and blues. This yarn will go to making this sweater, seamless and easy to modify. For instance, I'm deleting the rib pattern at the hem, cuffs and neckline. I plan to make this sweater a simple, rustic affair. Something one might wear while herding sheep if one had them. Something that might act as a fair substitute for a sweatshirt. Knitting without seams is an attractive option as fiddling over the finishing of any large knit project rather drives me bananas after awhile.

In the meantime, I've been playing with journal ideas on Photoshop. The inspiration comes from Kathryn Antyr and her Journey of the Heart Journal pages. Kathryn has been offering her collaged journal pages for about a year, I think, filled with inspiring words and bits of imagery. When I bump into something that interests me, I wonder how I could do the same thing with my own flavor. So, for the heck of it, I scanned a page of lined paper for photo manipulation and adding some digital images. I'm pleased with the results if only for my own use.

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Ruth said...

Well, you certainly did make short work of the Monk Coat. I was telling Jay about this and waxing eloquent over your yarn winder, and he asked me why I didn't get one. Duh! The price, of course.

I suppose he's tired of hearing me bitch over every single skein of yarn I use. ;-)

Meanwhile, in the land of beauty, I love your journal page! I've said it before and I'll say it again: You should design stationery. It's almost impossible to find beautiful materials upon which to write, and not all of us are artistic.