Sunday, January 15, 2012

so . . . what is in a name?

I've just this morning, bumped into Domythic Bliss via Theodora Goss. Today's post features House Naming, something I've wanted to do for our home since before we were building it. After reading through the blog and its links, I'm very keen on creating the perfect plaque with the perfect name for our home.

Those who know me have always commented on how I can take a hovel and make it a Home. I've lived in a great many places and each temporary abode had its challenges, but I have a knack for working around and with them to give my family a comfortable and safe environment. What is important to me is reflecting the creativity each person has in our family ~ artistic, innovative, unique ~ and including it in our surroundings. Then, I hope, everyone can feel at Home.

A very long time ago, while we were renting somewhere else and building, a much-younger Tom once said he couldn't wait until we could be in our peaceful house on the mountain. I could glean words from our geographical locale, Mountain View, Over-the-Dam House, Woods End, but I think Peaceful House has a pleasant sound to it. It sounds like something out of Winnie the Pooh.

Now. To make the plaque . . . No. I will not knit it.

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