Tuesday, January 03, 2012

setting forth

Good morning, sunshine!
The Capricorn sun rises in the east. The waxing gibbous moon is in Taurus. How deeply grounded is that?

The weather was blustery and cold. I was dressed in layers, my Feral Wolf hat covered over with the hood of my coat. Fingertips burning with the chill each time I'd stop to take a photo (hence, the small number of them to post this morning). Nonetheless, I walked. All the way down the hill and back up. Each step a prayer and eyes gazing out at the beauty around me. Would I see the same beauty in an urban setting? Perhaps. That beauty would simply have a different flavor. No one should despair their surroundings if but only a moment is taken to see beauty ~ even if that means clearing a little clutter to make it.

A stand of pine.
In the meantime, the new year neatly ratchets itself forward in routine. Routine is timeless. Same shit, different day has its meaning in routine. Now that youths are back in school, the household has fallen into the Routine. Early morning meditation, rousing youths, the walk and then figuring out what needs attention, what needs doing. My routine needs to include time in the studio. Again, AGAIN, it's all too easy to deal with the stuff life slings about instead of drawing the line at the studio door (well, space, in my case) and stating, Right then! No more today. It's time to find my soul now.

Creativity needs to be routine. Like doing the laundry, like shopping for food. The Artist's Spirit needs clean etheric underwear and food for the soul.

A quick spiral scarf using Jamie Harmon's dyed wool and
found mohair. I cast on 55 st instead of the requisite 110.
I've found the original pattern results in a scarf too long for
actual use. 

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