Tuesday, January 17, 2012

messin' with the mohair & other woolly ruminations

Mohair at the ready.
The Book.

Two-hour delays at school generally mess me up for the day. Today was no exception. The College Kid had to be taxi-ed North before the other youths needed to catch the bus. I am eternally thankful for podcasts. They feed my road-weary soul.

Still rubbing sleep out of my eyes and bumping around in my studio, I thought it might be safe to undertake a few harmless fiber tasks. It started with balling up the spun and plied mohair I've no idea what to do with. Although, I'm envisioning, heavily, it being paired with something white. Maybe a sweater. Maybe not. No telling where these fiber-y visions meander.

Then I remembered Kim finding cool instructions on making one's own shoe laces with felted wool in Intertwined: The Art of Handspun Yarn, Modern Patterns and Creative Spinning. This book was gifted me by Ruth a long time ago, but I pulled it off the shelf on New Years Eve when we were deep in fiber frenzy. Having plied some of the wool prepared from that night with some ribbon yarn, I figured I'd finish the job. The skein is presently felting in my washer as I write.

Because I'd really like to make this hat, I'm going to Frankenstein two outdated sweaters. They're 100% wool, but ugly. A perfect recipe for frogging. Hopefully, the unraveled stuff will give me the gauge I need to make the hat. I could really use something Terry Pratchett inspired in my life right now. Reality's gravitational pull has been a challenge.

Bound Skein.
Finally, I'm on a search for a tea cozy pattern. I've only made one in my life and that went to my mother. The new Brown Betty needs a cozy of distinction. Well, at least one made my me is good enough. I'll initiate the search in my printed files first. Going to Knitting Pattern Central means sending in a posse before nightfall. Not that I'd mind getting lost in that site awhile, of course.

Ugly sweaters.
Ah! Ze Brown Betty!

1 comment:

Ruth said...

I think the book is only about a year old as a gifted item.

Tea cozies? I recently sent a friend a link to some, but I'll be damned if I can find it now. This one will have to do: http://tipnut.com/rosy-tea-cosy/

I'm still working on Evan's "Bender" hat, but I think I'm in the final stretch. I cannot believe the amount of work that's gone into this idiotic thing, but the end result is going to be really adorable on my gigantic child. There will be pictures.

Love you bunches. Stay warm.