Friday, January 13, 2012

how to do an Elemental/Medicine Wheel reading w/ SoulCollage®

The following photos demonstrate how I lay out SoulCollage® images for an Elemental/Medicine Wheel reading based on the query: Which Neters help me with my Art?

First, I "shuffle" my deck by cutting it into several
small piles. Then . . .
There are many, many resources defining the energies of the Elements and directions of the Medicine Wheel. I have found Air/East to represent the mind, ideas, thoughts, early morning. While Fire/South might represent passion, spark, will and noon time. Dreams, emotions and evening tide define the energies of Water/West. Earth/North is best defined by the energies of solidity, the body, manifestation, silence and midnight. Finally, Spirit/Center could represent You In This Moment, axis mundi, All Space and All Time and has a relationship with each of the Elements/Directions in the layout. Some readings might feel like they need Spirit/Center and some feel like they don't. Let your intuition guide you in these instances. Above all, enjoy the reading and let your images characters speak to each other. One may offer the other insight based on their position on the wheel.
I re-stack my deck. The deck will be cut into four piles,
starting at the top, holding the query and the essence of
Air or the East in mind as I cut. I let my fingers find a
niche along the side of my deck to determine each cut.

Here is the first pile representing Air/East. I cut this pile
again to determine the card that best represents the
Element/Direction at this moment.

Returning to the original pile, the deck is cut again for
Fire/South. Again cutting the small pile to determine
the card.

And here is the pile and cut for Water/West.

Yet again for Earth/North.

The entire deck has been cut into four piles and cut again
to find the card for each quarter. Starting from the right and
moving clockwise, we have Air/East, Fire/South,
Water/West and Earth/North.

I have now laid out the top cards from each
Elemental/Directional pile and re-stacked the deck
so I can . . .

cut the deck one last time to determine Spirit/Center.

The completed layout.

Air/East, the Moon Hut ~ I smile and
act pleasant though I'm not all
together. No one notices my missing
parts, so I nurture myself. Boy With
the Deer Head speaks to me of
gentleness. Go into the moon hut,
he says, and be gentle to your mind.
Think kind and good thoughts of
yourself. Girl With Leaves says,
Seek wonder in the moon hut.
Seek to find all your parts.

Fire/South, Pikea Whalerider ~
Oh, I sing to them! I sing with beauty
and passion! I sing to know what
they know. They hold the songs of
this planet, this place. They sing to
the Universe of our own special
tune. Camp fire on the beach by
the ocean warms the human souls
who sing to Whale.

Water/West, Eleni ~ We've come to the Atlantic Ocean to
bask, to play. Nights in Provincetown, days at Wellfleet.
Remember these easy times, to go with the flow, to let
Creativity eddy in to deep crevices. Memory is contained in
the Heart like water in a cup. Sometimes memories need
to be poured out to make room for new ones. Though no
memory is ever forgotten.

Earth/North, Over the Fence ~ What is there to see over
this fence I've made? I've been here all safe with
Society's rules and expectations. What is on the other side?
Curvaceous beauty and Life! Unabashed nakedness and
exposure ~ a mark of someone who is proud and unafraid
to show themselves to the world. The Holy Man has nothing
for me. The Beast that follows has more allure.
Spirit/Center, The Yogini ~ Oh they
practice asanas so beautifully!
Bird-headed women so lithe and
limber! I am left here with my
middle-aged, three-children-born
body to remember that My Temple is
unique to me. My Temple does yoga
differently. My Temple, my body
requires devotionals unique to me.
Bird-headed women look pretty in
 their forms, but lack the substance
of One Who is Authentic in One's
Own Body Temple.

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Dot Everhart said...

Dawn-- Do you start with a question and do you journal or write after the reading of each card separately to summarize the reading realted to the question? Just wondering.

Dot Everhart
Lemoyne, PA