Saturday, January 14, 2012


Garlic honey and Rosemary honey.
I get Susun Weed's newsletters in my e-mail a few times during the month. A couple I held on to in the Inbox had to do with making Herbal Honeys because, well, I wanted to make some, by golly. Easy directions (and any cautionary statements) can be found here. Of course, being that the instructions are EASY, I flaked and spent time peeling my garlic cloves before submersing them with honey. Oh well. I imagine it'll still work fine. As for the rosemary honey, I cultivated what I felt comfortable cutting from my indoor plant and then stripped the stems of the leaves. Cat and dog hair may very well be infusing along with the leaves though I did my best to pick it all clean. It's best not to rinse herbs, so there you have it.

In the meantime, I'm trying to spend time in the studio without cleaning it (or anything else in the house, for that matter). It's amazing how one will get in one's way of doing something worthy. Is it right I find myself more interested in herding the Dust Bunnies than painting? Is there some intricate flaw in my being that allows me to get derailed so easily? In short, what am I afraid of? The Hausfrau Police?

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